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  • My Vax Journey

Yalonda’s Story - Detroit, MI

I was definitely [thinking] ‘I'm not taking the vaccine for numerous reasons.’ I have my own health concerns. I have multiple sclerosis and there just was not enough information. And in the process of having the health issues I have, I've developed this [skepticism] with pharmaceutical companies. So, I didn't want to take it.

I still had fears, but the risk of being unprotected outweighed my thoughts of whatever the vaccine would or wouldn't do to me. My son, who is holistic to the core, took the vaccine. He won't take a Motrin or Tylenol or Excedrine. He lives in Texas and he called and he said, ‘Mom, I got my vaccine. Did you?’ And so I said to myself, ‘Okay, get the vaccine Yolanda.’

I had a little achy shoulder and some little side effects, but I'm still here. So whatever horrible thing that I was thinking could happen, it didn't happen.


Yalonda Steele is a therapist, mother, sister and friend who lives in Detroit, Michigan.

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