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Mae’s Story – Columbia, MD

When I went to have it administered, everybody in there was old. I mean, really. So all those people heard the message and they came out even though there was a lot of misinformation and you didn't know what to believe. They were looking at the death tolls. And I don't think they wanted to be in those statistics. So what they ended up doing was saying, ‘Well, if they have anything else, I'm taking it because I want to live and I want to live a quality life.’”

Bio: May A. Beale is a long-time resident of Columbia, MD and serves in a number of community organizations including the Howard County Center for African American Culture, the Howard County Historical Society, and Bright Men, Bright Futures, among others. She has been recognized by the Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame and the Howard County NAACP for her lifetime of community service.

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