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Teen Voices

Newly eligible for vaccination, teens and tweens are navigating their own decision-making journey alongside their families. Here, adolescents share their stories.


Devin on a really exciting birthday present

“I am turning 12 in about 3 months, so to me, getting the vaccine will be one of the best birthday presents that I have ever received.”


Emmi on getting the vaccine for her friends

“Before the vaccine was available to kids, I felt so helpless because there was really nothing I could do to get my life back to normal.”


Willa on waiting to turn 12

“Covid is like the party pooper that everyone hates, but the vaccine is the fun guy who puts the party back on again! Like putting our life back on track. So in conclusion I can't wait till I turn 12!”


Jenavive on learning about the science of vaccines

“With the vaccine here to protect us now, I wonder if we ever will go back to a ‘normal’ world.”


Izzy on waiting patiently

"I begged my parents for weeks and weeks to let me get the shot."


Stephanie on making a vaccine decision

“My mom said it will be up to me if I would want it or not. I told her I want it because then I can help the people around me.”

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