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Michon’s Story

“As it went along and people I knew started to get the vaccine and they were fine, other than maybe a sore arm, I still was concerned because I'm somebody who's sensitive to medication and I’ve been that way all of my life.

So then I got it and I had an adverse reaction to it...the doctor did a lot of research and she said, ‘Yeah, you had an inflammatory response to this vaccine. I had a total of three patients where this happened.’

I keep thinking what if my body responded to the vaccine adversely, what would have happened had I caught COVID? Would I have been one of those people that they said, ‘Well, she was healthy, but she ended up on a respirator or she died from COVID.’ I would have been that, that mystery person, you know, whereas now at least I'm still alive and I'm recovering.”


Michon Smith is a caregiver and mother.

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