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Jack’s Story - Bay Area, CA

Shared April 15, 2021

I first heard early on [about the vaccines being ready], and I thought to myself, “This pandemic might finally be over soon.” I have not fully decided yet whether to get the vaccine, but it is looking likely that I may have to for school.

I believe that these vaccines should be a freedom of choice option and less of a mandatory requirement.

This for me is a challenging decision. I have become more cautious in what happens behind the scenes, such as animal testing, which truly breaks my heart. I would likely not be in the age range of being significantly affected (if at all) by COVID, so if it was purely my choice, I wouldn’t.

Additionally, some of the side effects displayed in the Johnson and Johnson and Astrazeneca vaccines are cause for concern, and there’s no telling what long term effects may come up. For this reason I am still undecided. If I end up having to get it, I will wait as long as possible. Most of those I know are all for getting the vaccine, which is a good thing, but I feel like they are going in 100 percent without knowing the potential downsides. Many of those I know have no clue how the vaccine even works.


Jack R. is an undergraduate student at University of California Irvine. He is living at home until in-person classes resume.

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