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Willa on waiting to turn 12

"When I first heard that there was a Covid vaccine, I was super excited! Vaccines meant that the pandemic would be over soon! I was so surprised, too, because I heard that the quickest they had ever made a vaccine was 4 years. Oh, the perks of advanced technology! When the vaccine for kids 12 and up was approved, I was also happy.


Yay, I'll be back to hugging people and having sleepovers in just a few months! Unfortunately I have to wait until I turn 12 in July before I can get it, but maybe they will approve one for younger kids before then! I'm not scared of needles, and my mom says the shot doesn't really hurt, so I really want to get it. I'm just sick of having to wear masks and stay away from my friends!


Covid is like the party pooper that everyone hates, but the vaccine is the fun guy who puts the party back on again! Like putting our life back on track. So in conclusion I can't wait till I turn 12!"

Willa Photo.jpeg

Willa is an 11-year-old (almost 12!) student from Colorado.

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