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Jenavive on learning about the science of vaccines

“My first thought when I heard the vaccine was available for ages 12 and up was a few things. The first thing that I thought was an excited thought and how much science has grown in just this amount of time, and I thought, ‘Will we be going back to “normal”?’ I thought an excited thought about the vaccine because it has been almost 1.5 years since the pandemic started.


When it first started, I remember researching how the vaccine was being made, and how long it would take to find a vaccine that is safe and that will work. I was so excited because it normally takes much longer to make a vaccine like this, so science has grown so much.


I also was excited because with science we learned how to fight a pandemic and how to fight it if one were to happen again. It makes me excited to get back to a world without masks and social distancing. It makes me happy to get back to something that we used to call ‘normal.’


I thought to myself will we be going back to ‘normal’ because we have been living in a very different world than we did just a few years ago. We all became grateful for the past ways of life and we all were just wishing for the ‘normal’ world back. With the vaccine here to protect us now, I wonder if we ever will go back to a ‘normal’ world.”

Submitted June 2021

Jenavive is a middle school student in Colorado.

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