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Podcast: A conversation on public health and community engagement

The Reverend Larry Walker, epidemiologist and public engagement specialist Roger Bernier, and facilitator Robin Roberts have been collaborating on a series of community conversations, as part of the Hopkins research project to understand vaccination decision-making in Native American, African American and Latinx communities across the country. 


Recorded on March 29, 2021, this discussion includes reflections on the conversations with Black communities that took place in December and February of this year, as well as an in-depth discussion on the importance of community engagement in public health work, as well as how systemic racism, barriers to accessing care, and trust influence thoughts and behaviors within communities.

Reverend Larry Walker serves as the deputy pastor of the Celebration Church in Columbia, Maryland, as well as the president of the African-American Community Roundtable of Howard County. 


Roger Bernier, PhD, is epidemiologist, public engagement specialist, and editor of The Epidemiology Monitor.

Robin Roberts is a facilitator who has convened multistakeholder dialogues on environmental, public health, and public policy issues.

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