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Izzy on waiting patiently

"When the vaccine first came out, I was super super super excited, because I thought that once everyone got vaccinated, the pandemic would be over. I wanted to get mine right away, but I knew I had to wait a long time until that would happen. When the vaccine actually came out, and people were getting vaccinated, I begged my parents for weeks and weeks to let me get the shot.


Their response was the same every single time, you have to wait till they approve kids your age! I wouldn't listen, because I was too excited. Just a little while ago, when I heard they approved for 12-year-olds, I really wanted to get mine, but my parents said I wouldn't get it for months. That really burst my bubble.


Now I'm waiting and waiting. I know that I will get mine, I just have to be patient."

Iz 1.jpg

Submitted June 2021

Izzy is a middle school student in Colorado.

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