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Pamula's Story - Baltimore, MD

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

“My daughter and I, it's funny because some of my family call us the COVID police because we were really out there trying to tell people, “You need to get the vaccine.”

And there were a few people that were really hesitant in the beginning. So I was able to persuade some people and I'm happy about that.

Our church started to be advocates so that on Sunday mornings during our worship experience, we would have what we call our COVID conversation or COVID moment, and my daughter would spearhead that because she is a scientist.

And she would talk about the vaccine, talk about COVID, take any questions that anyone might have.”


Rev. Pamula Yerby-Hammack is executive pastor of the City of Abraham Church and Ministries in Baltimore, MD, and author of Flying With One Wing: God's Grace in Our Times of Adversity.

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