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Phyllis and Stanley Green’s Journey – Baltimore, MD

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

"We kind of locked ourselves away from everyone else. And as time went by, my wife, I call her 'the investigator,' she just kept seeking and exploring information. We kept watching documentaries. We stayed on the computer, looking at what is going on with the vaccine and how it's being created, what's involved in it, what is in it. And I decided that if anyone would take the vaccine in my family, it would be me first.

“We were both skeptical about the vaccine, if it hadn't been for the impact of the families of the Tuskegee Institute patients that were mistreated, they actually were willing to take the vaccine. And I felt like if they're not holding a grudge and they're not afraid, you know, what did we have to be afraid of?

"Having had COVID is something that I wouldn't want anyone to have to experience. And if getting a vaccine is going to save someone in your family's life or one of your friends or your elders, it's worth taking the risk in order to save your life and the lives of others.”


Phyllis and Stanley Green are members of Liberty Grace Church of God in Baltimore, MD and are proud parents and grandparents. Phyllis Green serves as executive director of the Grace Foundation and is an EHCA board member. Stanley Green is a deacon for the Liberty Grace Church of God, a Community Food Giveaway volunteer, and LGCOG Men's Ministry Leader. They are proud parents and grandparents.

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