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Julie’s Story: Washington, D.C.

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Interviewed March 26, 2021 — "When I heard that the vaccine was coming out, I knew that my spouse and myself, we would be wanting to get it. I also work in an industry that has been a part of the essential workforce, that has been open this entire time. So it made sense for us, interacting with the public some during this more than other occupations might have to, to protect ourselves in the ways we can.

Generally, I would say, the business owners [in the foodservice industry] were really excited and wanted everybody who works at their place of business to be as excited about the vaccine as they are, and for the most part that is what has happened. We’ve seen most of our industry work hard to get appointments, because, like I said, they are really public facing and have been since the beginning of the pandemic."


Julie Sproesser is the Managing Director of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW). She lives in the DC area with her wife and daughter.

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