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Facilitator Nadine Tafoya reflects on the impact of COVID on Native American communities

Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Horizon Foundation, Understanding Diverse Communities and Supporting Equitable and Informed COVID-19 Vaccination Decision-Making included three waves of Community Conversations with Native American, Latinx, African American and Asian American community members. It focused on how public health and other stakeholders can best understand and support Covid-19 vaccine decision-making. 


Nadine Tafoya served as a senior facilitator for the Native American meetings. She shares, “We're used to these kinds of hardships, but we'll be here tomorrow. We'll survive. We've got our culture intact. What's important to us is that our families are intact. Our communities are intact. That our language and our culture is intact. Those are the things that are going to sustain us for the next hundred years.” 

Nadine Tafoya is a member of the Mescalero Apache Tribe of New Mexico. She is an elder, a mother, and a grandmother. Nadine has spent her career as a clinical social worker addressing health disparities among Native Americans and other communities of color.

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