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Facilitator Mary Davis on the journey from vaccine hesitant to hopeful

Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Horizon Foundation, Understanding Diverse Communities and Supporting Equitable and Informed COVID-19 Vaccination Decision-Making included three waves of Community Conversations with Native American, Latinx, African American and Asian American community members. It focused on how public health and other stakeholders can best understand and support Covid-19 vaccine decision-making. 


Mary Davis facilitated conversations among groups of vaccine hesitant people, many of whom ended up with the vaccination by the end of their series of discussions, and the self-consciousness that came with it. Mary explains, “One woman said, ‘Gosh, I was a little nervous because I'd been so vaccine hesitant, and I've now got the vaccine and I thought I was going to be the only one.’ And of course, most of the group had changed their minds.



Mary Davis is a lead facilitator focusing on vaccine conversations in regional communities.

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