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Every Decision is a Journey

Every day, in big ways and down to the most minor details, we are making decisions. About our days. About our families. About our work, and about our health. And at this moment in time, we are deciding whether or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This website is a shared space, dedicated to exploring this decision-making process—one that is unique to all of us.


Each of us evaluates the science, the risk, our lived experiences, and our values to make a choice. For some, the decision is already made. For others, they may still be questioning. Regardless of the final decision, this website is about the journey—My Vax Journey, and yours.


Highlighting voices on the path to decision-making

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Lt. Governor Naranjo’s Story - Santa Clara Pueblo, NM

“It was probably the best thing to do as a public servant, not only to protect myself, but to protect the community.”

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Shiosha’s Story - Washington, D.C.

Yalonda Steele photo 1.jpg

Yalonda’s Story - Detroit, MI

“As teachers, we want our students to be safe, we want their families to be safe and we want to be safe as well.”

“I began to think that if I get COVID, I won't have a chance to fight it. And if I get the vaccine, maybe I'll have a little chance.”


A look at the issues that influence vaccine decision-making

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Dr. Joshua Sharfstein on working at the local level in communities

“Work in the short term is all about the local level…really mobilizing the strength of communities for this really important purpose - keeping people alive.”


A conversation about COVID’s impact on Native American communities

Three public health professionals focused on American Indian health share their insights into and experiences with COVID in their communities.


Dr. Dan Salmon on what we’re learning from the vaccine rollout

“People are talking about trust in public health and trusting government and how it's such a problem, and the way that you solve that problem is to work with communities and people and be their partner.”

Teen Voices

Newly eligible for vaccination, teens and tweens are navigating their own decision-making journey alongside their families.


Willa on waiting to turn 12

"Covid is like the party pooper that everyone hates, but the vaccine is the fun guy who puts the party back on again! Like putting our life back on track.”


Izzy on waiting patiently


Jenavive on learning about the science of vaccines

"I begged my parents for weeks and weeks to let me get the shot."

“With the vaccine here to protect us now, I wonder if we ever will go back to a ‘normal’ world.”

Have a Story to Tell?

We want to hear from voices everywhere. If you are interested in sharing your vaccine journey, email or click the link below. Select stories may be featured on the site.

About My Vax Journey

We created this site for those who have already made a decision about the COVID-19 vaccine, and those who are still considering. For health and public health practitioners, and for community leaders. For those who are curious about how people make decisions—what they are thinking about and what is important to them.

Supported in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, My Vax Journey was created to capture the unique decision-making stories of people as they consider whether or not to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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